Potty in a pothole highlights road problems in Pontiac

PONTIAC, Mich (FOX 2) – What a crappy situation in a Pontiac neighborhood. 

A perfectly placed potty, inside a pothole at Beverly and Carlisle in Pontiac.

“I thought it was funny, it was hilarious,” neighbor Joyce Rosario said. 

The mini-restroom was removed Wednesday but the problem is persistent.

“The toilets been there for about four days, been there all summer,” neighbor Travis Simmons said. 

Neighbors say the pothole is expanding.

“Every time it rains it gets deeper,” Debbie Boughner said. 

Neighbors say they feel like it’s not a top priority more like number two.

“They come every year, every six months and have to redo it. They do a half-butt job,” neighbor Dave 

Calls to the city go unanswered, some neighbors say they’ve called up to 10 time.

Although we aren’t sure who put the potty in the pothole, neighbors are thankful to them, drawing attention to a huge problem. And they were nice enough to leave toilet paper. 

“More power to them, the city should’ve taken care of this a long time ago,” Dave said. 

“They need to do their job,” Rosario said.

But neighbors aren’t receiving a response about the porcelain pot or the humongous hole yet. 

“Take a shit because you know the city ain’t gonna do nothing,” Boughner said. 


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