Man accused of shoving propane tanks, brisket in pants; assaulting officers at Walmart

A man is accused of shoving stolen propane tanks and sliced brisket in his pants before assaulting officers at the Walmart on Dickerson Pike.

John Allen Honaker was charged with assault, theft of merchandise under $1,000 and public intoxication, according to a Metro Police affidavit.

Officers were at the Walmart’s loss prevention center on a separate call when they spotted Honaker on video shoving a two propane bottles and a sliced brisket into his pants.

The items were valued at approximately $35 in total.

Honaker gave up the items and sat in the loss prevention office.

While detained, Honaker kept spitting inside the police vehicle and attempted to kick the windows out.

He also tried to kick at an officer’s head and midsection when the hobble restraint was being applied to prevent him from continuing to kick the vehicle and bash his head on the plastic partition.

Police notice that Honaker had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breathe and body prior to his admission to drinking.

He admitted to drinking, telling police “leave my drunk f****** a** alone” while being detained.

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