Cops try to put resisting Man in car as hostile Mob grows.

A now-viral video showed NYPD officers trying to shove a handcuffed suspect in the back of a police car on Thursday.

Bronx, NY – A cell phone video has gone viral of four New York Police Department (NYPD) officers trying to shove a handcuffed suspect into the back of a patrol car for transport while bystanders surrounded and heckled them (video below).

“Just another day in Bill de Blasio’s NYC,” @JFNYC1 tweeted on Sunday. “NYPD officers in Bronx are trying to arrest a robbery suspect who is resisting arrest.”

NYPD Spokeswoman Sergeant Mary Frances O’Donnell told Blue Lives Matter that the incident featured in the video took place on Thursday.

Officers responded to a 911 call for a crime in progress at about 4:45 p.m. on Aug. 22 at 248 East Fordham Road, according to Sgt. O’Donnell.

She said that when officers arrived, they were informed that a man was behaving in a disorderly man and refused to leave.

The sergeant said that police took the 25-year-old man into custody and, upon further investigation, determined that he was an emotionally disturbed person.

Sgt. O’Donnell said the disturbed man was transported via ambulance to North Central Bronx Hospital.

The video showed the man, who was only wearing socks on his feet on the sidewalk, fighting officers as they tried to put him in the back of the police car.

Despite the fact he was in handcuffs, video showed the man continued squirming and trying to break away from the officers as they persisted in attempts, from multiple angles, to get him into the back of the patrol vehicle.

As the officers struggled with the suspect, a crowd of passersby formed around them, and people began shouting objections and complaints at the officers.

One of the officers told another officer to “just call a bus,” meaning an ambulance.

“Are y’all recording this s–t? Are y’all recording this s–t?” the suspect screamed repeatedly to the people watching his arrest.

“I’m being recorded live. And this is normal,” the man yelled to his audience as he continued to try and wriggle free of the officers.

The officers remained calm as the crowd became more energized and continued taunting them.

One of the women in the crowd started lecturing the officers on department policy and telling them they were required to take the man to the hospital, the video showed.

One of the officers told her that an ambulance had already been called.

An NYPD source told Blue Lives Matter that the officers were probably trying to get the suspect into the car and out of the area because of the hostility of the growing crowd.

There have been numerous incidents in recent weeks where NYPD officers were attacked while they were responding to emergency calls and trying to make arrests.

A video of an Aug. 10 incident went viral that showed a man throwing a metal container of Chinese food on a plainclothes police officer who was trying to assist with an arrest at a block party.

The assault with Chinese food comes on the heels of multiple water attacks on uniformed NYPD officers in recent weeks as they responded to emergency calls in various parts of the city.

In the wake of the water attacks, two Republican New York assemblymen announced they would introduce legislation to make assaulting a police officer with any kind of liquid a felony, but at least one Democratic lawmaker has said he will fight it.

Watch the officers try to put the suspect in the car in the video below:

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