Shirtless man told not to carry life-size doll in public after it’s mistaken for unconscious woman

A shirtless man seen dragging a life-sized doll through downtown Kansas City on Tuesday was told by authorities “not to carry it around in public anymore” after passersby mistook the figure for an unconscious woman.

Multiple police officers responded just after 11:30 a.m. to calls about a man dragging what appeared to be an unconscious woman. Callers said it looked like the man wanted to throw the woman over a bridge.

“And here is today’s episode of ‘Not What We Expected Going Into That,'” Kansas City Police said of the incident on Twitter.

Witnesses saw the man drop the doll on a sidewalk, drag her head over a curb and sling her over his shoulder, police said. One caller said the man kept yelling “savior!” a police tweet said.

“Multiple officers responded quickly,” a police statement said. They found the man, and what they encountered was totally unexpected.”

A traffic camera captured the incident.

The man told police he found the doll in a trash bin and was told not to carry it around. No one was arrested or cited.

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