Senior Citizens Busted in Connecticut for Five-on-One Sex Romp in Public

Six Connecticut senior citizens — five men and one woman — have been arrested for lewd behavior in a park for allegedly having sex in public, reports say.

The six seniors ranging in age from 62 to 85 were arrested in Fairfield, Connecticut, after being witnessed engaging in a wild sex romp, according to ABC affiliate WVIT.

The Fairfield police say that the group was caught by officers on Aug. 9 during a patrol of the Grace Richardson conservation area, a place known as a meet-up spot.

Officers say they had set up a bottle of Viagra on the park bench and waited, a surveillance spot focused on an area often mentioned on the Internet as a place for people to meet and have sex. The group of seniors was caught live on surveillance video, officers said.

The five men and one 85-year-old woman now face charges including breach of peace, public indecency and littering. There were 6 Depends lying on the ground. They were released after being handed court dates.


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