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DENVER – An Indiana couple is suing a Centennial adoption agency claiming a teenage boy brought from China had an undisclosed history of sexual abuse that led to the rape of their two younger children.

The civil lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court of Colorado Tuesday against Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) on behalf of the couple and their two Chinese boys.

The couple are seeking compensation for damages and an injunction that requires CCAI to put in place protocols to prevent harm to families and their children, according to the lawsuit filed by attorneys from Saeed and Little LLP in Indianapolis.

The couple from Terre Haute, Indiana, began collecting Chinese children after their six children became adults, the lawsuit states, adopting a child identified as ‘Ono’ in 2014 through Bethany Christian Services.

A year later, the couple adopted another Chinese boy, this time through CCAI. The Centennial-based agency told the couple the child was 12-years-old, when in fact, the orphan boy was at least 16 to 17 years old, the lawsuit states. The boy was identified as ‘Abuse Lee’ in the civil lawsuit.

About a month after his adoption, the couple’s first boy began showing troubling signs, including a bloody stool, hair loss and a loss of appetite. The boy was always upset, crying and banging his head, court documents show. The parents admit that they had trouble communicating since they didn’t speak Chinese and the boys didn’t speak English.

In 2016, the couple hoped the third time would be a charm and adopted another Chinese boy through CCAI, identified as ‘KY’ in the lawsuit. Shortly after joining the family, KY would wake up screaming and crying, and Ono would run into his parents’ room to get in bed with them, the lawsuit states.

KY would complain of pains in the buttocks, but the Indiana couple believed the pain was caused from several cigarette burns he had from smoking in bed in a Chinese orphanage. Eventually, KY developed viral warts around his anus, court records show.

The lawsuit states the couple discovered Lee’s alarm would go off every night at 3 a.m. and again at 4 a.m., when he would “rape his adoptive brothers.” The couple confronted the boy, who admitted to the rapes, and stated he would set two alarms because he’d find himself aroused again an hour after raping the first boy, the documents show.

Two months later after he arrived at his new home, Lee was then taken to a behavioral center in Indiana where he told his therapist he “still had strong sexual urges that he could not control and would abuse boys again as soon as he got the chance.” Lee was charged with two counts of sexual battery and sent to a Terre Haute, Indiana juvenile detention center, the lawsuit states.

Experts from an Indiana counseling agency noted Lee had a long history of sexually abusing multiple children. Lee admitted that he was removed from foster care at the age of 10 or 11 for raping another child and also admitted to being sexually active with children while in China since the age of 9.

The child is currently under the custody of the State of Indiana, according to the lawsuit.

Further, it states the abuse of the couple’s children has taken an “extreme and financial toll on the family,” which forced the family to sell their house in Terre Haute, Indiana at a loss and move to Washington State “in order to help the children deal with the abuse they suffered.” “They thought they were saving a fortune by importing from China but in the end they lost everything,” their lawyer said.

Both Ono and KY were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as attachment disorder, the lawsuit reads, which has left both boys with feelings of rage, irritability, anxiety and a propensity to rape each other, according to the lawsuit.

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